World of Warcraft: Cataclysm- A review

On December 14, 2010, in General, by Nat

This review was written for BiC Gaming by Chaser Jane, (also known as Chy). I’d love to have your thoughts and feelings on the new WoW expansion, too! Send your submissions to and don’t forget to include your website, guild website, or blog link!

The big phrase used quite often before this expansion was, “Catering to casuals.” In players’ minds it seemed that Blizzard was making everything easier for new players or the people who just never really grasped the idea of the game entirely.  I can, with great reassurance say that this is not true with Cataclysm.

This expansion was something that I was weary of from the start.  I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for 6 years now and I must admit that I love the game.  From the professions, to the tedious leveling of a character, I adore WoW and I always have.  To change the zones that I knew and loved was something that I was afraid of.  I was nearly sure they’d mess it up in some way.  Well, I was wrong to fear the change.  The new zones are more fun, less tedious, and in the end beautiful compared to the textures and graphics of the old world before The Shattering.  Blizzard has successfully made questing easier but it’s important to remember that we’re pushing through 85 levels now.  I won’t lie, you probably won’t see me level another character to 85. I’ve done enough of that.

It took the first level 85, 9 hours to get there.  Technically this was 9 hours after the release of the game in the USA but he did it.  It took me roughly 24 hours.  I leveled through some amazing quests, rushed through content, and was quite pleased in the end.  An Egyptian twist with a few 20,000 leagues under the sea references was written nicely.  I will pay my respects to Blizzard for the time and effort they put into this expansion.  All of the new zones look great, they feel comfortable and above all, they give a badass gaming experience.  Levels 81-82 aren’t bad experience wise and tend to go very quickly, after that however experience doubles to 4,000,000 experience for your next level.  By the time you’re working through that last level you’re burning 10,000,000 experience to reach that epic level of 85. 

In Wotlk we went from “Ding, I’m 80! Lets do heroics!” to “I’m 80, lets run 3 instances and get me full raid ready gear without trying.”  Blizzard has ended this saga for all “casual” players and all but the serious raiders. You need normal instance gear before you can touch heroics and the best part is, the heroics aren’t easy.  In fact, they’re terrible! They’re well thought out fights, but you need a good group that’s working together properly.  There is no more running headfirst into a pull and powering it out.  I’ve seen more tanks say, “Ok, Sheep Moon, Sleep Square, Mind Control X, and Repent Diamond.” Than I thought I’d ever see again.  We’ve got a new/old mechanic back and it’s making things much better on a healer end. I never thought I’d see the day where MC would be used regularly again… The gear is there, it just takes time and effort to get.  If you’re a serious player you can still get a couple (like 3) epics before you start raiding, and if you’re not so serious or don’t have as much time you’ll find the ilvl346 alternative will work for the time being.  It’s a rather nice balance.

Archaeology is the new secondary profession and other than being rather tedious to level it’s very interesting.  It’s pretty neat and I can see that it will soon just become part of the game like every other secondary profession is now.  You can get some of the best items in the game at the moment (at least for healers) and in the end it’s a time sink.  It’s fun for those people that enjoy games inside of games.  OH! Did I mention that Plants v.s. Zombies is the best game evar invented in WoW? Screw you Peggel.

A ton of healers right now are bitching and moaning about mana, but truthfully if you’re level 85 and reasonably geared it’s not an issue.  I can successfully say that I have 105,000 mana and plan to have more by the end of tonight, and I rarely go oom anymore unless the dps suck. =) Yeah that’s right, I’m a healer finally passing the blame onto someone else.  Even some of the dps are complaining about mana issues, but what they’re not considering is that this is a completely different game. You must play it as such.

Eventually people will again adapt to the changes Blizzard has made and we will all be back to the top of our game.  However I don’t think it’ll ever be as simple as Wotlk and this makes me smile.  There are 628 new quests in 5 new zones, 6 new reputations, 2 new races, a new secondary profession, new skills in your old professions, new dailies, 9 new heroics, 7 new instances, 2 new battle grounds, 1 new world pvp zone, rated battle grounds, new spells, new abilities, flying in the old world, and an over all incredible design.  Congratulations Blizzard, you didn’t fuck this up! In fact, I would call this a win.

My personal opinion- If you quit the game, try it again.  If you’ve never tried the game, buy it.  This is the most fun I’ve had in a long time and I’ve been complaining a little until I realized they gave us nearly everything we asked for. No more warriors wearing leather, Boomkins wearing cloth, or paladins sporting the dresses, people are nearly forced to use their own armor class again. We can fly in old world, you can’t jump right into epics or raid content.. the list goes on. This is an incredible game, and to all those Vanilla WoW players out there, Welcome back! It’s time to show these kiddies how we play.


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