Why I love GW2

On September 4, 2012, in Guild Wars 2, by Nat

I haven’t said a whole lot about GW2 yet. I tend to get excited when a new game comes out, and then I spout all this awesome shit I love about it, and then it seems 2 weeks later I’m all fucking sad because the game sort of sucks.

I was not a fan of the original GW, and had no intention of purchasing this one. I was lamenting the lack of MMO’s to one of my game devs a few months ago and it was he who convinced me that GW2 would be my game. I listened to him, and then got into the beta. I enjoyed it. I wasn’t all hopping around all over the place excited. The game seemed fun. That was about it.

It’s now roughly 10 days after I started playing the game for real and I have to say that thus far, there’s not much I dislike about the game, EXCEPT for the grouping thing. I hate how hard it is for Jay and I to end up in the same world.

Shit I love about the game?

  • The shit isn’t grindy. Not a single time have I felt that I needed to ‘grind’ out a level, or grind anything.
  • The ‘questing’ doesn’t suck. I dunno who thought of  the whole ‘heart’ thing, but I fucking love it. I love that I can collect flowers while Jay kills shit, or vice versa, in order to do our hearts.
  • Exploration is alive again.
  • Crafting is fucking fantastic. I love it– and I generally hate crafting.
  • The “Deposit All Collectibles” button. Who thought of this? I want to kiss them with tongue.
  • Waypoints everywhere. Teleport anywhere, anytime. Yes. Thank you.
  • Combat isn’t too complicated.

I love this game. I haven’t had any problems, with the exception of trying to find the rest of the group.


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