What’s up, kids?

On May 7, 2010, in General, by Rotsam

Short post for now, but you’ll enjoy it anyway.  I’m dicking around in Fallen Earth — it’s sort of like a low-budget Tabula Rasa.  I like the FPS aspect and the quest system is pretty straight-forward, but overall TR was visually richer and the gameplay was smoother.  I think there’s definitely room for a sci-fi MMO in this genre, but I’m pretty sure FE will be short-lived.

I’m curious about the Conan expansion.  I hated the grind in that game and was pretty sure that it would be dead and abandoned by now.  That it’s still around is intriguing.  Best feature in that game is the boobs — I was able to lose hours with an exotic toon and the jump button.

Looking forward to StarCraft 2 and Diablo 3 — both should be a good time.  Any gaming shops out there up for a UO revival?  Rewrite in a modern graphics engine and start out with Pub 15 ruleset – wtb!  What’s up with Guild Wars 2?  Will Cataclysm rekindle the WoW fire?  What’s next folks?


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  1. Nat says:

    While I hated the gathering grind that was Conan- I really enjoyed a lot of the game play there. And the graphics were just delicious, to be perfectly frank.

    Gamergirl tells me great things about the first Diablo (as I’ve never played it) but I, too, am sort of looking forward to seeing what it’s all about.

    I’m all down for a revitalized UO– however I must insist upon housing. As I mentioned in my “If I could build an MMO” post, the wars held in the BiC Compound were some of my favorite times in gaming.

  2. Chy says:

    I highly considered buying Fallen Earth when I heard how much Nat was enjoying the game play. The idea for a Scifi mmo is great. It’s actually top on my list of stuff to try but this isn’t the one for me.

    HATE how choppy some of the game play is. I’m really not a fan of the combat system. It might have gotten better when I had a nice gun and a bombin scope, but I just don’t have the patience for it. Also, the gathering system, although a lot of fun when you’re level capped I’d imagine is way too tied to your progress in the rest of the game. You’ve gotta be able to make bas ass gear or else you’re probably no going to gather enough credits to buy it.

    Don’t get me wrong. If I can get my hands on a free key I’ll play for a month, and until then I’ll play for the remainder of my 10 day free trial, but I won’t be buying it as of now.

    Imo- Spend a couple days on the game. It could be a match for you. =)

    As for AoC … >.> The boobs were the best part. Nothing beats logging into a video game and getting a little bit of a show in the process. /win

    I’m looking forward to Cataclysm but tbh I hope to find another game by then. I’m sick of killing the same shit again and again.

    Also, love the housing idea. Every game should have it.

  3. Nat says:

    I just can’t imagine Cataclysm holding anything new or different for me than WoW has always held.

  4. Prae says:

    Is AoC free like AO is (or used to be, anyway)? I was actually considering looking at AO again to see where it’s at after all this time. Also considering firing up my old MuDs (DragonRealms or GemStone) if they’re still around.

    So far, I’m very “meh” about FE. It’s a nice change of pace, but I doubt it holds me beyond the 10 day trial considering I have a bunch of newish 1p games to get through on the new computer that I wasn’t able to play on the old one.

    WoW: Cat does nothing for me.

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