Welcome home gayboy– I mean, Michael.

On March 2, 2012, in General, by Nat

Lulz. And also true, but lulz anyway

Ok, the BiC memes have gotten out of control. I find myself laughing maniacally every time I see one. The shit makes me laugh so much.

In other news, Michael came home. Although- he’s always been here with us while we played star wars– he was just playing LOL. I convinced him to play SW with us for a little while. He seemed to have a pretty good time last night with the boys, and it was fucking amazing to have him with us, even for a short while.

We are still recruiting for both Empire and Republic– so if you are looking for an amazing guild family, and want to be a part of a 10+ year guild– then stop by and introduce yourself.

I promise, we don’t bite. Much.


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