Welcome Altteve

On February 22, 2012, in General, by Nat

Move along.

Welcome to Altteve, our newest BiC’er. While we didn’t get to chat with him in vent, he was absolutely part of our discussion about anime porn and some other random shit we were discussing in guildchat, so that’s always good. He also participated in the ‘gamer girl’ chat we had going on, and agreed that gamer chicks could defile and destroy even the most awesome gamer guy.

Anyway, we welcome him into our crazy group with open arms.

In other news, I need all BiC’ers to get their asses out there and preach the ‘gospel’ about BiC. We want to continue to grow our guild family and I can’t do this without your help!

This weekend, my alt hits 50, BiC’hes!!


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  1. Mayscela says:

    I bought the Deluxe Edition GW2(Pre9-Purchased).I’m cunelrtry playing Ranger, and once 100% map complet ill move to an Female Human Mesmer cause i fall in love with a particular Dungeon Set(Nightmare).Ill try being fast and objective:1.Gameplay, 10; Dodge, Weapon Skills, General System, Dynamic, Fun.2. World PvE, 10; Easy, Rewarding, beatifull and challenging.3. sPvP, 10; Easy, Rewarding, Fun, Challenging.4. WvWvW, 10; Queue times OMG. Im sure it cause its first weeks yet.5. Graphics, 10; Tought my PC isnt going well with it. ;/6. PvP Armor Skin, 10; Too many nice sets, challenging and rewardindg to get them.7.PvE Armor Skin, 7; Still too much cool armors missing. Atm not very good options. Even with transmutation stones its easy to find you confuse about what naah armor you wear.**8**.Personal History, 5; Its there, but it doenst inspire you as it should do. Not fun, not dynamic, lots of tiny bugs and non-sense content. Very predictable, most of it is very boring. tought i was the only one but lots of players not in the mood for story as im not. I hope they get it done like it was in GW1.**9**.Dungeons Gameplay, 7; Lots of players doing it, but simply i believe it miss something. All of them is pretty much the same stuff. Infinite-life, 1 hit-kill foes/bosses. Their Story content is cool, just the gameplay on them is not good at all yet. Maybe if they set-in some events on it, or more enviromental content.10. Market, 9; Trading Post is already working. So we DO have some kind of non-email business going on. But even so we miss something. Maybe personal-shop, like searching a player name in TP and u get it items, i dunno.11.World Events, 9; They are very likely perfect, but i STILL think it could be a little more random. Like some of them not happening ALWAYS in the same place. I mean, would really a Dragon attack always the SAME village? some enemies would attack the same way and exactly the same place FOREVER? I believe those could actually change targets once in a while.12.Consequences(Events), 9; If you play attention u can notice some consequences t doing or not some events. U go to a village and ignore the attack going on, when u go back for it 5 minutes later. The event now is Conquer this Village , instead of Defending . Thats nice. But still i bet we would be pleased to see an attack by the dragon’s lieutnant once in a while on the major cities.13. Overral, 10; Story(disappointing), Skins(looking forward), Dungeons(Looking forward) and the rest being really OK. Man, its 3 weeks since launch. Tell me an MMO with 3 weeks and going on perfectly. If its same GW1 team, im sure they will work on the game until its perfected, like GW1 was. Ty Bro, Peace, Nice Review, The Best i’ve seen so farGokula

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