Rotsam and I are all about maximum output when grinding and leveling our characters, so when we were introduced to Free280XP– we were pretty much in love.

In this video, I fly first, as I’m leveling up a low dragon. Fred flies in after I swap out, and kills the first part of the base using a dragon with Death Gaze, (Ember works just fine for this, even though it’s sort of a trash dragon.) Though it seems we’ve been ‘defeated’ at the end of the fight, by killing 18-20% of the base gives you MAXIMUM XP for effort put forth.

Sorry for the potato quality of the video– it’s not my fault, lol.


We still use this base even at level 245. We just try to get as far as we can go and get massive XP. Sometimes Rotsam can clear 100% of the base, but it sort of depends on who the low level dragon is and how far they get. 🙂


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