Ultima Online? Whaaaaaa?

On May 8, 2010, in General, by Nat

It’s 12:18 am and here I sit at my computer, downloading the free 14 day trial of Ultima Online’s newest expansion.

The lamest part of this is I cannot access my now 10 year old account. When I turned it off years ago, I had my jspot email address, yet we sold that domain off long ago. Now they want the registration keys off the box (from 10 YEARS ago? really?) and the last 8 digits of the credit card number we billed the subscription to (are you fucking kidding me right now? Who remembers credit card numbers they had 6 years prior?)

This is bad for me on several counts. First of all, buying/selling UO accounts is against the terms of service, so purchasing one is frowned upon heavily. Secondly, the reality is that so many of those accounts that DO get purchased get hacked back by the original owners.

My UO account is almost 10 years old, and while I won’t achieve any credit for the time my account was inactive, the fact is that those characters and shit are MINE.

I’m interested to see what the latest expansion pack has to offer. It’s possible that UO has lost it’s magic for me. It’s possible that the times of seeing the spammers at the various banks, and chatting with old friends is long gone. It’s possible that the day and age of fantastic graphics has take hold and the ‘old days’ of UO will never be rekindled.  However, for the next 14 days, I intend to find out.

Well I’m off to bed- and all I have to say is,

“Vendor Buy the Bank some Guards!”

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2 Responses to Ultima Online? Whaaaaaa?

  1. Layna says:

    I just logged into the account management server with my old username and password without any issues and updated my contact info. You don’t remember what your account name was or what?

  2. Nat says:

    The email addy I had was a jspot.com email address and we sold that domain about 5 years ago.

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