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On June 29, 2015, in Mobile Games, Two Dots, by Nat

This weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out with both of my kids, (which almost never happens). Alea was jacking around doing some bullshit on her phone, and asked me if I was playing Two Dots. I answered that I was not, and she told me to download it and play it, posthaste. And so I did.

This game is *so* fun and terribly addictive. It’s in the style of Candy Crush- meaning there are 9 billion 4 hundred patrilion levels. You can get power ups, and there are daily quests that will help you earn power ups.


The game is extremely simple.  Match like colors. You can go up and down, side to side, but you can’t connect them diagonally. You can make squares of like colors to get special bonus rewards and the like. And, just like Candy Crush, you get to compete with the folks who also play. My husband is not a fan of this as I keep kicking his ass. 😀

The photo below shows what the beginning of the level looks like. It shows you the objectives you need to achieve, in this case, you need to clear 36 of each of the dot colors. Some of the puzzles you have to get a certain amount of anchors, etc.


One of the best tricks is to get the dots to be cleared in squares. You get all sorts of bonus points and sometimes some ‘bombs’ if you do it just right


This game is easy and fast, yet is challenging in a way the best puzzle games are, especially if you’re a scoreboard freak like we are.


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