Today’s top stories!

On March 22, 2012, in General, by Nat

It’s Thursday,BiC’ers, and here are today’s top stories, at Born in Chaos:

1. Welcome to Hakuma and VanillaSlice, and Gaspaar and any of the other new BiC’ers who I may, or may not have forgotten.

2. Tonight we’ll go back into KP and knock the shit out of the last two bosses. Be online at 8pm Central for raid start. Please have your stems and be repaired and ready to go, bitches!

3. Who still goes to Chat Roulette? You just know you’ll be clicking and clicking and then some creeper guy will have his ding dong hanging out or something creepy. That shit really IS Roulette.The deadliest kind.

4. BiC is still recruiting.

 5.  Vent has been extremely interesting of late.

6. Everyone should go to BiC Chat during business hours.

7.  I want some pie.


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