THEYTOOKOURJOBS declares war on BiC

On May 6, 2012, in General, by Nat

So yesterday, some scrub ass guild decides to be billy bad ass, and declares war on BiC.

Within moments of the war declaration, one of our members got repeatedly chased by some reds. And then, BiC arrives to the scene. En masse. These two people harassing our guildie? Oh, BiC’ers arrived, all right. Something like 15+ of us arrived to the newbie lands on whatever toon we were currently on.  I think we may have had 10+ of us that were over level 20. After we ran around killing them for awhile and shit, they all began logging out.  All except one, so a few of us hung around in town to see what this cat was going to do. We decided to show him a little love, BiC style:


Hangin' out watching the scrub hide in the guard zone.


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