There will be skanks

On May 4, 2012, in TERA, by Nat

So, I think my favorite thing about TERA, is that I don’t have to look like a fucking gross robot, or like a man-she in my gear. I can look like a girl- and yeah– it’s true that in the real world, wearing the ‘armor’ I’ve got in game would get me gang raped at best, and killed at worst– but the fact  is that this is a fantasy game. And since it’s ‘fantasy’, I want to look like a sexy babe while killin’ bitches.

It’s whatevs, yo.

Nat and Shy. We be skanks


In other news– BiC is growing like a mofo right now. We’ve got a fabulous group of about 25+ and growing steadily. Vent has been hopping and we’ve not had activity like this since our days in World of Warcraft.

TERA’s a fucking blast so far. If you are thinking about trying it– I highly encourage you to just do it. You won’t regret it.

Stop by the forums and say hi, ya’ll!


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