Arcane Event Dungeon

On June 5, 2015, in Spirit Lords, by Nat

Arcane energies have increased to a dangerous level as lighting storms scatter the skies of Arborlith.Sorcerers across the land have been consulted and each has come to the same conclusion: The Radiant Waypoint Dungeon. Spirit Lords, once again Arborlith needs your help! Bring your most powerful Void Element Spirits and bring the fight to these […]

Raging Inferno Guild XP Tournament

On May 13, 2015, in Mobile Games, Spirit Lords, by Nat

Hey BiC’ers! We’ve got another guild tournament going on, so let’s kick it’s ass! I had to boot like 3 people last night for lack of participation, so if you end up finding folks who like the game as much as you do– send them a guild invite. Let’s get this party started! Also, I […]