SWTOR: The Prophecy of the Five

On June 25, 2012, in SWTOR: Empire, by Nat

The Prophecy of the Five

After a devastatingly low last few weeks in Tera, a few BiC’ers decided to see what was happening in SWTOR. They moved their toons to the recommended server off of Bondar Crystal…and lo and behold had GREAT things to say. Queues were popping, the population was strong, instances were happening…etc, etc.  We’ve struggled with what to do about Tera for some time. Recruiting has become harder, as most people are more interested in the Vanarchy system than I am. Nothing about any of that intrigues me, unless they make the guilds FIGHT for the Vanarchy, and not just make people vote. I don’t like IRL politics– I certainly don’t give a fuck about make believe politics. Jay mentioned there were discussions about requiring the Vanarchs to fight for hte right to hold the towns– but of course that’s not in the game. The grind is hard, keeping people interested is hard…meh.

Anyway, we figured we’d see what the guild/population looks like in SWTOR right now and make our decisions later. SOOO, with that being said- we moved to Prophecy of the Five and will be firing up the guild tonight (If we have enough people).

I don’t remember how the fuck to play this game, so hopefully I’ll not get too slaughtered in BG’s!


See you guys this evening!

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