I was talking to Greg this morning and he was all sorts of excited about the Spirit quests. I then realized I’d done ya’ll a disservice by not mentioning the importance of those missions. I don’t always have time to run dungeons and what not, but sending your spirits on those quests helps you level up and empower your spirits very quickly. Everyone does spirit management their own way but currently, I’m trying to make a set for each flavor. We’ll see how that goes.

Spirit Missions:

On the far left hand side of your screen, you can see three blue buttons. Click the bottom button to see your current spirit missions.


You can find your spirit questing area by clicking on the bottom button on the far left side of your screen. It’s the button with the blue spirit and the yellow exclamation point

 I normally send the lowest level of spirit I can to successfully complete the mission, thus enabling me to continue to work dungeons (if I choose to), while the mission is in progress. I normally do the ones that give spirits and stuff before I do the ones that reward with gold, but that’s my own personal preference. This helps level your spirits as well as giving you the grubbins, spirits and other EVO things you need to progress. The only thing it doesn’t give is character XP.  The missions are random, and so sometimes I get 3 missions that are 30 minutes or so, and then sometimes I end up with missions that take hours. The longest mission I’ve ever received was 24 hours.


My currently available quests

Let me know if you have questions or comments or suggestions!

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