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On April 21, 2015, in Mobile Games, Spirit Lords, by Nat

Everyone has their own way of playing games like Spirit Lord, but I’ve had a few people in the guild ask me about managing my spirits. I’ve read countless posts on the forums of people complaining about the lack of space and organization in regards to spirits. There *are* ways to sort them, but if you are like me– it’s still just too much. For the most part, when you hit your spirit page, you see shit that looks much like this:



It’s a bag full of all your spirits, all your mats– and is just a general shitshow of sensory freaking overload. Sure, you can tap the purple button and sort them by type, rarity, level, etc, but it’s still just a giant mess in your bag.  The easiest way for me to really get a handle on what I’ve actually got to work with, is by using the tools on the left hand side of your screen. You can see the little tabs that show your directional ‘skills’, as I call them.  If you tap the tab on the far left, the one that looks like a finger tapping a single circle, you’ll see something like this:


Ok. So by tapping the tab on the left, you’ve now got your spirits sorted by Basic Ability, and will show only your Basics. As you can see I have only 4 basic ability spirits– and only ONE of each color. (I know the word ‘color’ is unscientific, but I can’t remember wtf that shit is actually called).  Now, you may have your own method of madness about spirits, but for right now I am trying to just select one spirit of each color, and focus on leveling and evolving it. Should I land a rare card that’s better, I’ll fold the lower version into the higher version. Here are the rest of them:




This may be completely different than how you manage your spirits. I showed a few buddies at work how I do it, and they both sort of got that ‘Ah HA!’ moment when they realized tapping the ability tab helps tone down teh sensory overload.  Would love to see how you guys manage your spirits– not just from sorting or whatever but how you decide what to upgrade, etc.

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