There’s a new event in the works– and some of the rewards include moonstones. See below for details. You can find the original post here

Fellow Spirit Lords,

Thank you for being a part of the Spirit Lords worldwide release!

To celebrate this epic occasion, we are hosting a global challenge for all players to win fantastic prizes and the chance to unlock a Special Dungeon, with a Special Boss, and exclusive Gear for all those that complete it.

Here’s what you need to do – complete each Community Milestone challenge. Completing a milestone qualifies every player for a prize and unlocks the next milestone.

Complete all 5 Community Milestones and the big surprise will reveal itself. Plus, you get even more prizes by finishing each Bonus Milestones!

You will need to work together to complete each milestone and to qualify for the bonus prizes. Every player’s participation will be counted. Recruit your friends to complete the Milestones as quickly as possible.

Without further adieu, here are the milestones:

Community Milestone #1: Get 100,000 Spirit Lords into Guilds! (COMPLETED)
Guilds are the cornerstone of Master Spirit Lords. Start a Guild, Join a Guild, or recruit players into your Guild to complete this Milestone!
Prize #1: 1 Grubbin

Bonus Milestone #1: Reach 1,000 Facebook Likes on the Spirit Lords Page (COMPLETED)
Bonus Prize #1: 50 Moonstones

Community Milestone #2: Dig for treasure 200,000 times (COMPLETED)
Prize #2:1 Fire Spark
Bonus Milestone #2: Share the Official Launch Trailer 200 times (COMPLETED)
Bonus Prize #2: 75 Moonstones

Community Milestone #3: Win 300,000 Dungeons on Normal Difficulty or Higher
Prize #3: 3 Grubbins
Bonus Milestone #3: Share 300 pieces of fan art on Twitter, #Grubbins
Bonus Prize #3: 100 Moonstones

Community Milestone #4: ???
Prize #4: 1 Ember Seed
Bonus Milestone #4: ???
Bonus Prize #4: 175 Moonstones

Community Milestone #5: ???
Prize #5: 240 Nature Shards
Bonus Milestone #5: ???
Bonus Prize #5: 250 Moonstones

*Please note the Milestone Prizes will be granted to all players up to one day after each Milestone completion.

All prizes will be redeemable for 7 days after they were granted. Player must have already joined the game upon the completion of each milestone to qualify for prizes.

Good luck, Spirit Lords! We know we can save Arborlith together.

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