Some of the guys. :D

On May 19, 2015, in Mobile Games, Spirit Lords, by Nat

I had a handful of the guys submit screenshots of their characters. I didn’t have a lot of takers, but a few of the guys bit.  Also, It’s funny that most of us hide our helmet. 😀







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  1. Jola says:

    I couldn’t drsigaee more. Not having the holy trinity in the game is amazing, it just takes some getting use to; you need to adopt to the new gameplay mechanics. For example, combos are extremely important in dungeons.Also, you still need damage, support, and control in dungeons. It’s a bit like damage, healing, and tanking, except every profession can do it depending on what weapons and skills they equip.The whole leveling experience is also, in my humble opinon, vastly improved over anything else out there. You don’t start the game picking flowers or running errands. For example, as a human, you start the game defending a village against a centaur attack culminating in a raid size boss battle.And because the game levels you down to match the area you’re in, (re)visiting lower level areas later on is actually challenging and fun, although you’ll have an easier time due to improved equipment, skills, and traits (analogous of talents in World of Warcraft, for example).So, the PvE side of things in Guild Wars 2 is very, very good. I think the best way I’ve seen it put is that the end-game starts at level 1. While not strictly true, it certainly feels that way.

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