Hey BiC’ers! We’ve got another guild tournament going on, so let’s kick it’s ass! I had to boot like 3 people last night for lack of participation, so if you end up finding folks who like the game as much as you do– send them a guild invite. Let’s get this party started! Also, I know that only a handful of you know what this means, but every time I see the title of this post/event, all I can think about is that douchebag from UO screaming about the friggin FAAAAAHR CAAAAAVE!


You can find the original post about the event here.

The dangers of the Fire Event Dungeon call for the mightiest Guilds to extinguish them. Earn Guild XP with for your chance at fantastic prizes. Guilds will be ranked by XP gained from ONLY the Raging Inferno dungeon!

How to participate:

  • Run dungeons with your Guild and earn Guild XP


  • You must run dungeons with your Guild!
  • Guilds will be ranked by most Guild XP gained during the event period.
  • The top 20 ranked guild will receive a reward!
  • Both Party Mode and Solo Mode will work!

Event Starts: 12:00pm PDT Tuesday, May 12

Event Ends: 12:00pm PDT Thursday, May 14

Prizes are as follows:

1) 1x Ghost of the Fire Walker, 1x Ember Nexus, 2x Ember Orbs, 2x Kenosis
2) 1x Ember Nexus, 2x Ember Orb, 1x Kenosis
3) 1x Ember Nexus, 1x Ember Orb, 1x Kenosis
4) 1x Ember Orb,1x Kenosis
5) 1x Ember Orb, 1x Ember Seed
6 – 10) Ember Seed
11 – 20) 1x Burning Spark, 1x Fulminating Grubbin
21- 30) 1x Fulminating Grubbin

Prizes will be granted to members of each qualifying Guild by the end of the day May 19.

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