Patch 17.32.01

On June 12, 2012, in General, by Rotsam

Cool New Stuff

  • Guild-versus-guild battles are now available on PvE servers.
    • Under the GvG tab in the Guild menu, the guild master has control of a toggle between a “Pacifist” and “Battle Ready” state. The toggle has a four-hour cooldown.
    • A GvG battle can be initiated when both guilds are set to “Battle Ready.”
    • The item to start battles is available from the Shadow Merchant.
    • Players applying to a guild will be notified of the guild’s state and whether they are embroiled in GvG battles.
  • On PvP servers, the Outlaw skill now toggles. When you turn it on, it will stay on until you toggle it off.
  • Custom emotes now function with the /e command, and emotes now add text to the Say (/s) chat channel. Let the drama commence!
  • Various chat window abuses are no longer possible.
  • +12 weapons now glow red and look generally bad-ass. As they should.

Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed the bug that made the nexus achievement “Catch the Nexus Wave” difficult to obtain because of daily quest reset.
  • Fixed a bug affecting lighting conditions in the game.
  • Reputation stores now sell all hats directly to players.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Hasmina now runs, not walks, when she appears in Three Towers. She’s been apprised of the dangers in there—and that you’re tired of waiting for her.
  • Fixed a low point in Hungry Caverns where characters could fall but were unable to climb back up.
  • A player character who has not been fully loaded yet is displayed in gray like far-off NPCs.
  • The Roll/Pass buttons for loot now explicitly say you can use the Page Up (to roll) and Page Down (to pass). ‘Cause there’s always one guy who loots while everyone else is still fighting, amirite?
  • Resolute crystals are no longer stackable.
  • The effect of tenacious rival draught decreases from 18% to 5%.

They posted a few other changes on the official patch notes.


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