Patch 17.29.02

On May 30, 2012, in TERA, by Rotsam

New Stuff and Changes

  • Added a new level 60 dungeon instance: Temple of Temerity.
    • Players can enter the temple by talking to Ebir inside Forgeheart in Kaiator. Note to castanic characters: talk does not mean flirt.
    • New quest added: “Test your Temerity”
    • Temple of Temerity has been added to Instance Matching.
    • Minimum item level to enter is 138.
    • Rules of the temple:
      • You don’t talk about the temple.
      • You don’t talk about the temple.
      • The temple is a small instance where you protect a relic for 20 minutes.
      • Four levels of rewards scale with greater success during the three phases.
        • Level one: Succeed by protecting the relic for 20 minutes.
        • Level two: Succeed by clearing phase one plus killing one named mob.
        • Level three: Succeed by clearing phase two plus killing two named mobs.
        • Level four: Succeed by clearing phase three and killing three named mobs.
        • You also earn dire and practicum badges by clearing the Temple of Temerity.
    • Dire badge merchants will sell specific advanced glyphs (unlike honey badger merchants, who just don’t give a…)
    • Practicum badge merchants will sell “glyph boxes” that give players random advanced glyphs for their class, alkahest, intricate identification scrolls, practicum badges, or dire badges.
  • Added an achievement for beating Kelsaik’s Nest 30 times on hard mode. You’ll receive a Kelsaik mask when you unlock this achievement, but don’t worry—no one will mistake you for a lunatic god who woke up too early.
  • Improved gathering skill: skill level increases even when you fail to gather because, hey, why not learn from your mistakes?
  • Messages now guide players on using proper enchant materials (alkahest) per enchant level.

It’s worth noting, the residents of Val Kaeli have reported atmospheric disturbances in the skies…

Bugs Squashed

  • Quest: Fixed the issue where players were not receiving credit when killing Thulsa in the “Unveil the Mask” quest. Oops, spoiler alert.
  • Political System: Fixed some issues with the policy page.
  • Fraya has conquered laryngitis and now can be heard in the cut scene for the “Traitor of Acarum” quest.
  • The popori pranksters who mislabeled the dungeon teleportal buttons were more mischievous than we thought—they also switched the labels in the quest log. The names have been restored. Several popori have been punished.
  • Made several localization fixes such as typos in quests.

Known Issues

  • For the quest “Enchanting for Dummies,” players receive two white and two green items, plus a blue item to be enchanted. To complete this quest, you must successfully enchant the blue item using two white items and then two green items. If you enchant out of order, or are unsuccessful, you can use any white and green items to complete the quest.

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