Movin’ on up!

On July 5, 2012, in Final Eden, General, by Nat

I have somehow convinced many of the old school BiC’ers to come play these stupid ass browser games with me when they have downtime. Out of 1200 clans on the Kirkman server on Final Eden, BiC is ranked 36.


Almost like bosses.


If you have downtime during biz hours and want to play with us, you can play it (it’s a no-download, f2p browser game) here .

Once you do the quick tutorial you can switch servers at the bottom of your screen. BiC plays on Kirkman. You can then hit the ‘clans’ tab and do a search for Born in Chaos- and apply to the guild.

Hope to see you there (we need more clan members to continue advancing.)

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  1. Humberto says:

    FINALLY, someone who ageres with me. Here’s my two cents on this game:The combat is sluggish and feels -a lot- like WoW’s (without as many skills and skill slots), most of the PvE feels incredibly boring and repetitive with constantly reused enemy models and animations, lackluster Event bosses and generally effortless difficulty, and the Heart system is basically WoW’s questing without the talk to this NPC to initiate this quest -part.I’ve somehow managed to push my character to level 40, but so far I’ve yet to see any of those mind-blowingly epic boss battles they promised us. This will probably change later in the game, but isn’t that kind of contradictory to what they told us back when the game was still in development? That there’d be no glorified rat extermination missions? Dredge are rats, too, you know.So yeah, I’d say you’re more or less right, John.AJ, as much as I’d like to hear more about your newest MMO exploits, isn’t it about time you moved on and started making some new reviews, or something? Surely you’ve noticed by now that the last couple of months have been incredibly stale for your site.PS: I’m not here to start an internet argument: just to voice my own opinion. Hence, I will not be reading any of the replies made to this post.Have a good day, everyone.

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