Magic Piano for iPad

On May 21, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Nat

I must say that the Magic Piano app is probably one of  the coolest little apps on the market right now.

The game is simple, yet one often finds oneself unable to stop playing it. You choose from a rather large song selection (my favorite being Clair de Lune).  Once the game begins, small, lighted dots begin ‘falling’ from the top of the screen. Tapping them will play the note in the song.

The hard part comes in trying to follow the rhythm of the actual song, and not get paranoid and start smacking all the buttons at the same time.  (This is my daughters approach. It makes us laugh every time)

It sounds so simple and really my description of it does not do it justice.

With a .99 price point, this is one of those simple little applications that can really make you smile, and it’s most certainly effective for entertaining the children for extended periods of time.


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