These photos are adorable. I totally want to take some like this myself.

So, last week, we were all like, “Dude! We should totes do an Operation!” and then some of the guys were all, “Yeah, dude! Let’s do that shiz!” so then there was all this random scheduling and talkin’ bout some fuckin epeens and what nots.

And then– suddenly, it’s ‘raid time’ and guess what? No one is fucking online who can raid. Well, fuck you guys. So then, Rotsam and I are all like, ‘screw you guys’ and we take our happy asses on and queue up for some pvp.

Well then, all of a sudden like fucking an hour or so later everyone is online and is all ‘Aren’t we raiding!?!”


Well goddamn, can’t you fucks tell the difference between 7pm central and 8pm central?!

Anyhoo, we get 7 of us together, and then pug an 8th and in an hour and a half or so we take out the first couple of bosses in KP. Fucking sweetness.

I have to admit I was more than pleased with our progress. Some of our guys have been 50 for a hot fucking minute- plus we had a pug. Awesomeness ensued.


Anyway, happy monday, everyone!!


Oh fuck! And welcome to our new BiC’ers Lang and…holy fuck I forgot the other new guy…ermmm Mist!!!


2 Responses to Karagga’s Palace? Yeah– we got that shit.

  1. JD says:

    Well in obvious BiC fashion. FUCKING THANK YOU!!!! I’m glad to be here. A quick shout out to Arunson for running my Sniper Lang’zi through that Heroic on DAY 1. Appreciate. I made a few more toons, Ixidor, Ruhan, and Karrthus. Thanks again for the invite and a friend of mine moved to start over on the server after I had him check you guys out. Hakuma.

  2. Nat says:

    Everytime I think of his name, I want to say ‘Mattata”.

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