It’s Monday!

On February 6, 2012, in General, SWTOR: Empire, by Nat

You know he's totally waiting to bitch slap her ass.

Happy Monday, BiChes!!

Well, this weekend was a little disappointing for me, as I’d hoped to get my sorcerer a whole lot closer to level 50– but alas, I was ill and laid in bed all weekend, and only played for a tiny bit.

I am totally and completely an alt-a-holic right now. I don’t even know how many toons I’ve created/deleted/re-created/etc.

BiC is now recruiting heavily for both Empire and Republic. We’d like to get some fresh faces in to join our guild family, so if you have friends/family/co-workers who want to get their game on, let me know. I’d love to chat with them. If they are Republic side, they can get in touch with Alki.

Rotsam’s been working his ass off to get some really fantastic build guides posted on Empire side. Hopefully, these too will help draw traffic to our site, as I’ve noticed some really SHITTAY build guides out there.

I’m thinking of doing another BiC Shirt contest. Trying to get some ideas together.

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