If I could create an MMO…

On May 6, 2010, in General, by Nat

When the BiC’ers and I are sitting down chatting, a large portion of our time is spent fussing about whatever MMO we are playing, and daydreaming about what we ‘wish’ the game included.

I’ve decided that the best possible scenario on earth would be for ME to design my own MMO. No one would ever create the game I am about to describe– yet I find myself giddy at the prospect.

Character Creation:
I want a game that has character creation that’s a mix between Star Wars Galaxies and Age of Conan. I want to be able to make my character unique, and I want to make sure after I’ve MADE the damn thing, that I can go back later and change it up. I don’t want to be stuck with the same hair/hair color/tattoos or whatever else if I play the game for years. I also don’t want to look exactly the same as the other 40,000 players in the damn game.  Giving me decent graphics, and lots of customization.

Don’t make me need a fucking degree in engineering to be able to figure out your crafting system. I want a crafting system similiar to Ultima Online, where you can find the items you need to make shit out and about…and the items you make are NECESSARY to have. Also, don’t make me fight fucking farmers for the resources. I shouldn’t have to travel for 3 hours to get to a place where one fucking item drops every 5 hours and some douchebag is running a program to hog it.

Look, I know that all of you devs out there don’t intend to punish us when you are creating your games, but honestly- the shit about mounts/vehicles makes me want to come to your home and spit in your damn eye. Sometimes, I wonder if you guys even PLAY these fucking games you design. I know that a lot of your games are geared towards hardcore gamers– but the reality is that you start really making money when us ‘casually-hardcore’ gamers start buying your shit. It’s people like me and the rest of the BiC’ers paying our 14.00 a month for 5 accounts each that begin to fatten up your damn bankroll. So please, don’t make them so fucking hard to control. Don’t make it painful for me to get around in your world. Don’t make it cost me hundreds of gold/credits/whatever to be able to ride a fucking horse in your game– and don’t make it cost me 1231231231 gold/credits/whatever to feed it or maintain it either. It makes me hate you a little in my soul.

Make me understand what the storyline is about, but don’t make me read a quest that’s 5 pages. If your quest givers can explain what they are saying BRIEFLY, that makes me more engaged and more hooked into your world.

Do it. For every quest, every time, for any level.

Looting Quests:
Just say, ‘no’. The next time I have to kill 4000 monsters to get 15  ‘severed spines’ I can promise you that I’m going to walk away from your crappy game forever.

We fuckin’ hate it, bro. We don’t want to farm reputation, items, gold or anything else. So much hate.

I’m not asking you to auto level my shit for me, but I am saying- don’t make it fucking painful to level. Give us PLENTY of quests, and options if we want to skip some! Also, don’t make us do a questline that takes days to finish and then give us some shitty ass reward for it. Keep the quests short and sweet, and make damn sure there are enough out there to keep me engaged and busy.

Customized Housing:
Have it. For real- I don’t care how expensive it is. We loved housing in UO, and we loved the fact that our guild owned 100 or so houses around the area of our guildhouse- thus creating a BiC Compound that was home to many, many epic pvp battles. You want to engage us and get us hooked? Give us customizable housing- NOT instanced housing.

I don’t give a damn if your game is sci-fi, military, or fucking Lego-World. Give me the above shit, and your game is sure to be successful.


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