Guild XP Tournament!

On April 30, 2015, in Mobile Games, Spirit Lords, by Nat

There’s a Guild Tournament going on! WOOT WOOT!

Here ye here ye! This is an official call to arms of all Guilds across Arborlith! Yet again, it is time for you to gather your comrades in a test of mettle and companionship! Honor, glory and prizes await those that step up to the challenges ahead!

How to participate:

Run dungeons with your Guild and earn Guild XP


You must run dungeons with your Guild!
Guilds will be ranked by most Guild XP gained during the event period.
The top 20 ranked guild will receive a reward!
Both Party Mode and Solo Mode will work!

Event Starts: 12:00pm PDT Wednesday, April 29

Event Ends: 12:00pm PDT Thursday, April 30

Prizes are as follows:

1). 1x Frozen Nexus, 2x Frozen Orbs, 2x Kenosis
2). 1x Frozen Nexus, 2x Frozen Orb, 1x Kenosis
3). 1x Frozen Nexus, 1x Frozen Orb, 1x Kenosis
4). 1x Frozen Orb,1x Kenosis
5). 1x Frozen Orb, 1x Frozen Seed
6 – 10). Frozen Seed
11 – 15). 1x Frozen Spark, 1x Friggid Grubbin
16 – 20). Friggid Grubbin

Prizes will be granted to members of each qualifying Guild by the end of the day May 1.

So, here’s the deal. I want to blow this contest out of the water!  Please, please, please work your asses off to do as many dungeons as you can today. Thanks to everyone who has _already_ been doing so. I know most of us work and it’s not convenient for many of you to do this, but if you CAN take the time to run one or two– we’d appreciate it if you do so.

Also– we hit 175 last night. Go us.



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