Final Fantasy XIV

On October 15, 2013, in Final Fantasy XIV, MMORPG, by Nat

Jay and I began playing this a week or so ago, after getting a couple of recommendations from my friends at work. While there is nothing extraordinary or groundbreaking, I do love the character creation and the gameplay has been spot on. There are a few things I’m still struggling with– but all in all we are enjoying ourselves.

The quests are your typical MMO fare. Nothing near as fantastic as SWTOR, and I find myself skipping the dialogue and only barely skimming the text. I do love the fighting though, so it sort of makes up for it.

I LOVE the fact I don’t have to loot shit. I hate stopping to loot, and this game has fixed that little issue for me. Everything just pops in the bag. Awesome!

Additionally– and probably my most favorite thing, is the ability to ‘rent’ a chocobo before you actually get a mount. Being able to rent a mount for 10 minutes is AMAZING!! YAY!!!

Anyone else out there playing FF? Look me up!

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