Dragon Age- Awakening and why it’s fail

On May 5, 2010, in RPG, by Nat

As everyone knows, I have a complete love for Dragon Age: Origins. This game was well thought out, feature rich, included awesome graphics, gorgeous cut scenes and in-depth character interactions that made you LOVE the characters in the game or HATE them. I’ve played DA:O time and time again, and just never, ever get sick of it.

This is probably why Awakenings was such a disappointment for me.  I felt like the entire game seemed to be rather rushed. By the time I completed the x-pac, I still had no attachment to the characters within the game. There was no way to personally interact with them, like there was in the original DA, and I felt that ending itself was just so chopped, so brief and so anti-climatic that I sat there and stared at the screen for a long time before looking at my husband across the room and sticking out my lower lip.  The conversation went something like this:

Nat: “Fail” (stick out lower lip)
Rotsam: “Yeah, I told you it was pretty shitty.”
Nat: “I can’t believe how fail it is.”
Rotsam: “Yeah, it really sucked pretty horribly.”
Nat: “So much fail…”

At this point, Rotsam pretty much just went about his business while I continued to try to make sentences containing words other than “fail” when describing my game.

There was so much storyline that could have been developed, so much really great character development that could have occurred.  So many gorgeous cut scenes that could have just taken this game to the next level.

Instead, I spent 50.00 on an expansion that I wish I’d never purchased. If there was a way for me to get my money back, I’d ask for it. The game was not buggy, outside of an issue I had porting my old character into the new game, but other than that, it was smooth.

You know, when I play regular DA, I have a connection to those characters. I could tell you the names of all the people I come in contact with over and over again, from Teryn Cousland to Conner at Redcliffe Castle. I can tell you what color eyes the characters have, most of the ‘gifts’ they like to receive off the top of my head, and what the answers are to some of the ‘choices’ you make during conversations with them.

I can’t remember a single character from Awakenings other than Oghren, and this is because he was in the first DA. Other than that- I’m stumped. Additionally, there was no romance.  I figured because I ported my other toon over to the xpac and had married Alistair they would have had some sort of back and forth between the toons, much like they did in teh first xpac. Instead, Alistair is present for less than 10 minutes of the entire game.

Don’t spend your money on Awakenings, but if you HAVEN’T played regular DA yet, I HIGHLY encourage you to do so. Additionally, they still continue to release new content patches (I’ve heard rumor the latest will allow one to play as a Darkspawn, instead of a Grey Warden), and I DO encourage you to purchase those (I own most of the content already released, and will continue to play DA as long as they will release new content patches.)

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  1. Nat says:

    Thanks for the input! We are trying to have a gamers viewpoint from our thoughts on all these games!

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