Do not pass go.

On June 26, 2012, in General, by Nat

Just say no.


This may be the worst game in Failcom  Funcom’s history.  It sounded so fucking amazing. Secret societies? YES.

It’s a fucking zombie game. It’s so bad.


You don’t want this. I promise.

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  1. Jazmine says:

    GW2 will be a good game and I look forward to plnaiyg. For some reason I hit a lack of interest wall in The Secret World and not sure why. I am sure it’s the inherent technical vision I can’t help but look and play these games with. Even though TSW didn’t have as much slop as SWTOR, there were some design and technical things that turned me off.I suppose now that SWTOR is pushing me farther away with their slop farm technique of throwing together new (buggy) content, while not fixing old bugs and reintroducing even older bugs it’s just a sign of a production Charlie Foxtrot in Bioware land.I played in the GW2 Beta and hope I will find something in release that will keep me interested in it. I know my co-workers are excited and I am sure we will have some fun times in the game. I look forward to listening to your discussions in #114.

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