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Remember when we would level in WoW and would all say ‘DING’ in guild chat, and then see a wall of ‘GRATS!’ floating across your guild chat? Yeah, that doesn’t happen in SL, mainly because guild chat is still no bueno (why must you limit my characters in guild chat to like 4 letters? It makes me want to kill myself). However, I did hit level 30 this weekend, and it was fairly glorious. I’d been eager to explore the Spirit World to see what it had to offer, mainly because I’d heard the game doesn’t even start till level 30.

Anyway, once I dinged, I had to finish my story line quest, which I’d been hoarding for some time to see if I could complete it on hard (I couldn’t, because my set was shitty due to some recent and poorly timed evolves). I finally finished it, though and unlocked the spirit world.


Once you hit level 30 and complete your quest– you’ll see the button for “Spirit Realm” pop up.

On the left hand side, at the bottom of your screen, you’ll see the Spirit Realm button directly above the button for the map. Once you tap the button, you’ll be taken to the Spirit Realm which in a confusing display of sensory overload looks like this:


The Spirit Realm

As always, I’m TERRIBLE about reading strategies, and generally just figure out what I know about most games simply by gameplay. Many of the old school BiCers are way more into the technical and into the nitty gritty shit about gameplay. Those who min/max and basically tap to perfection. I am not smart enough for that sort of gameplay, and to be frank I don’t have the attention span to engage me in that sort of research.  Anyway, once you get here, you have to unlock the Anchors in the spirit realm. Because my Fire set is stronger than most of my other sets, I chose to unlock that particular anchor first. Here’s what it looks like when you tap “Realm of Fire”:


Fire realm

I think the general idea is to just keep moving through the line of quests until all of them are open, thus unlocking the anchor. So far, the quests seem normal and on par with the quests in the physical realm– but I’ll update as I discover more.
Ya’ll have a great week!

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