DC Universe Online: Nat’s Review

On December 27, 2010, in General, by Nat

NDA is lifted– so I wanted to share my thoughts/feelings about what we’ve found, thus far, in DC Universe Online:

I had some trouble with screenshots, so the photos below are actually cellphone photos of my screen, so, before you judge based on graphics, let me AGAIN state:







Character Creation:

I have to admit I was a bit leery about this. I never played CoH or CoV before, and the idea of creating a ‘super hero’ or ‘villain’ just sounded nothing more than lame. The entire idea of this game seemed sort of lame to me, but I wanted to try something DIFFFFFFFERENT.

I got into the Character creation screen, and right away was pretty excited. There was a ton of options for making your toon ‘truly’ one of a kind looking. All the way down to customizing the color of the trim on your gear.  I will mention that Lisa offhandedly said to me that the controls felt a  little ‘clunky’ to her. While I do disagree, I will say that toon creation was a bit confusing. There’s a lot of  clicking the ‘back’ button going on, so it can take a bit to figure it out.


Outstanding. That’s all I gotta say. I did not really play CoH and CoV, though I did watch Hunter play from time to time. The ability to PVP in a 3d scenario is pretty bad ass. My husband, my son and I were playing along with one of my gal pals. There was lots of communication, back and forth about where the target was, who was on who, etc. It was amazing to get back into the habit of calling targets. Fun, fun, fun shit. Additionally, we noticed that us as level 8’s could even kill levels MUCH higher than us. It’s about the combos. TBH, I’m not very good at pulling off the combos, but Rotsam and Hunter are just outstanding. We fought last night for a good hour, and just had a blast. It was us 3 versus 5 or 6 guys, and we held our own, their deaths FAR outnumbering ours.

I know there are incentives and rewards and shit in pvp, and I’m still looking into all that, in relation to our guild and stuff as well. More to come on that, unless Lisa has spent her time standing in line at the airport doing the research for me.

It’s still early, but at this point, it’s the closest thing I’ve seen to ‘skill’ based PVP in a long time. Perhaps Rotsam will come along and give his thoughts as well.


Not painful. Sometimes a challenge to complete when areas are being camped by reds, but one can always head off and do other shit instead, or one can quest as a group.  None of the quests were SUPER engaging, but the story lines were decently crafted, and they didn’t ‘suck’ by any means. Also, I’m not sure we got a full taste of the quests, considering we capped at level 20. To be perfectly frank, I don’t evne know what level cap is here, but surely it’s not 20.


There are instances in this game, and you can queue up to play with a random group, much like WoW. You can also queue up as a party, and just fill your empty slots. Those instances were pretty tough, and you can do ‘regular’ or an ‘advanced’ mode, depending on what you choose.  I lost connection about halfway through our instance last night, and had to restart the game. Of course, this meant I was booted from said instance and couldn’t get back in. Pretty lame, because it means I have to do it again to complete the quest! I should have more on this soon.

I’ll try and get some screenshots and shit this evening if I get time to play. It’s my boy’s 16th bday, and we have some burgers to eat, some ice cream to purchase, and some fries to ingest!

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