Darkfall, First Impressions

On May 14, 2010, in General, by gamergirl

So after much discussion about UO and its various mechanics at our residence and our attempts to find something with the same flavor in another online game I decided to give Darkfall a try.  After all it is purported to resemble UO more than any other modern MMO.  Everything in this game is PVP centric and the in game culture appears to reflect that.

I missed out by a mere two days on the $1 seven day trial account so I plunked down my $49 which gets you the license for the game and a month of game play.

The first thing you will notice about this game unlike all others is that it cannot be bought in stores or through online retailers.  Access is via Aventurine’s website and it has to be downloaded either as a torrent or a small footprint executable which than downloads the full game through the updater. Trust me when I say go for the torrent file as it shaves a lot of time off and the game files are over 8GB in size.  You will still have to use the updater to patch another 2-3GB but its well worth the time saved.

The character creation process has pretty much the same feel as most other games. So far in my opinion Age of Conan still exceeds any game out there in options and style when it comes to customizing your toon and making them look hot but the one in Darkfall is ok.

Once you load in to your starter town comes the difficult part. Adjusting to a new user interface. I went through the tutorial to learn from it what I could and I like some aspects of the game such as the combat system, the skill leveling system and the graphics are acceptable though not mind blowing like Aion.

I could not get past the clunkiness of the UI however. There are two things I just did not like and feel could be improved upon. First off is the camera angle. I like having 3rd person view in an MMO however you only get this when you are actually wielding a weapon or harvesting tool. Otherwise you get a first person POV which makes me feel claustrophobic. I HATE it! I spent 45 minutes poring through the options and searching the web for a way to change this with no luck so if there is a way to change the camera view please feel free to share.

The second issue with the UI is having to go into “interface” mode when you are trying to do anything outside of combat or running around. It drives me nuts having to flip back and forth between the two modes to check skills, get into a bank or my backpack than return to action mode. No me gusta folks.

After a fail attempt to get Nat or Rotsam  interested in the game we all shortly fired up UO and Darkfall has become history for now at least.

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2 Responses to Darkfall, First Impressions

  1. Nat says:

    I didn’t give the game enough of a chance to vote a serious ‘thumbs down’, however, the first person view thing is really sort of a deal breaker for me. Also, I wasn’t sure what to ‘do’ when I logged in. There was no guidance when it came to what you should be doing. I know many games are like this, but I felt like I wandered forever before I found anyone I could talk to.

    Anyway- again- I didn’t play it long enough to really officially give it a thumbs down, but I did give it long enough to say that what little I did see did NOT interest me. At all.

  2. Jeremie says:

    Well I played Darkfall for a few months back on release and I liked it, however it had a multitude of items that were missing from the promised features and because of this I decided to leave for a bit. I rejoined a year later to find that a lot of features still were not there, however they have improved upon a lot.

    The game is not for everyone, personally I love the 1st person mode as it gives the game a more intense feel. You have to stay on your toes more, treats you like you’re REALLY a part of the game.

    That being said, there are still a lot of items missing that need to be implemented and things that need to be addressed. The game was released to early and should still be in beta however I, and a lot of others, find it to be a fun game to play.

    This isn’t a game you should find and try to start playing on your own unless you are willing to spend a few hours learning how to play and reading/watching anything you can to learn. The best way to learn this game is to find someone who already knows it and have them teach you what they know so you can get into the game faster.

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