Congrats on 60 Sexy and Wildchild!

On May 30, 2012, in TERA, by Rotsam

Way to power through and knock that shit out!  We now have six toons at endgame, with a few more quickly closing in.



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  1. Rifki says:

    Despite your best effort the reeviw only scratches the surface of this massive game. But I think people will see enough anyway to know that this is a wise purchase for any fan of MMOs. I too would rate it 10/10 because despite its flaws, most of them will be gone in mere months or sooner. They are already working full shifts to resolve every newly discovered bugs in quests or NPC code. If you ever liked an MMO; this is a no brainer MUST HAVE GAME. It’s the long overdue successor to the tired old WoW that players like myself have been waiting years for. It adds most of the things we’ve been wanting in MMOs for years but no one, including Blizzard, would give it to us. Questing is actually fun again and encourages random teamwork rather than the exact opposite in what is suppose to be a multiplayer . They hit pretty much every nail on the head when it comes to leveling a new character, crafting, questing, and PvP. This game is one huge pile of long desired innovation. It’s not just another clone of a boring tired old formula. This is an entirely new standard and this is what every MMO from now on will be compared to. Soon no one will GaF about Warcraft anymore except maybe for its endgame raiding.This game also has a lot of fun for solo players, so if you ever liked games like Dragon Age Origins; you won’t feel left in the dust. There are no group only quests like WoW once had, and the story quests can be played out pretty much like a singleplayer game with you as a rising hero. There are 5 different racial backgrounds with multiple paths per race and then 3 different factions to join later on that all have different paths. Simply put, this is an MMO that can be played any way YOU want to play it. Or you could play it every way; do the solo quests, do all the huge player events, do the PvP, it’s all great. This game makes you feel like a kid in a candy store all over again and you’ll have trouble deciding where to go or what to do. The leveling is pure gold and the PvP is top notch as well. The amount of value you’re getting for 60$ here is out of this world.

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