*sigh* back to WoW

On August 26, 2014, in MMORPG, World of Warcraft, by Nat

While I had fun in Wildstar, there was just something missing. It could be that Jay and I are just at the ‘jaded’ point, where all games pretty much suck and we’re unable to be pleased with any of them. The housing was uninspired (though we had high hopes) and though I _loved_ the combat, it […]

WildStar: A fun ride

On March 22, 2014, in MMORPG, Wildstar, by Nat

Today is my second day in WildStar.  I have to admit Jay did way more research on this game than I did, though I did watch the videos when he mentioned them to me. I was most excited for this game because Jay was excited for it. I love to play games, but more importantly– […]


On March 17, 2014, in MMORPG, Wildstar, by Nat

  I don’t know about you guys, but Jay is so fired up about WildStar that he can’t even stand it. We’re messing with Elder Scrolls beta right now, and while we will play that– we aren’t really overly excited about it. Nothing really new there, or ground breaking. Seems like the same game that’s […]

Shroud of the Avatar

On January 23, 2014, in MMORPG, Shroud of the Avatar, by Nat

Tonight I’ll be logging in to Shroud for the first time. I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been for this game to come out. We all know I’m a Garriot fangurl, a fact I’ve never tried to deny, but aside from that, I’m much more a UO fangurl. I’ve got myself so amped for […]

Horde. Mal’Ganis. We’re there…

On November 5, 2013, in MMORPG, World of Warcraft, by Nat

Jay and I joined up with Chy’s guild, <Chaotic Intent>. Neither of us have hit endgame, but that’s ok because I have found something else to fill my day besides raids and quests. Pet battles. I’m so screwed…  

Final Fantasy XIV

On October 15, 2013, in Final Fantasy XIV, MMORPG, by Nat

Jay and I began playing this a week or so ago, after getting a couple of recommendations from my friends at work. While there is nothing extraordinary or groundbreaking, I do love the character creation and the gameplay has been spot on. There are a few things I’m still struggling with– but all in all […]

Emerald Dream

On March 12, 2013, in MMORPG, World of Warcraft, by Nat

Yeah– we did it. Jay and I went back to WoW. All I have to say for myself is that it’s temporary. For real this time.  We moved over to Emerald Dream and joined Malcontent with Inverse, Rahk and a couple of other folks. We are just playing super casually right now. It’s fun for […]

Why I love GW2

On September 4, 2012, in Guild Wars 2, by Nat

I haven’t said a whole lot about GW2 yet. I tend to get excited when a new game comes out, and then I spout all this awesome shit I love about it, and then it seems 2 weeks later I’m all fucking sad because the game sort of sucks. I was not a fan of […]

BiC is open for business!

On August 17, 2012, in Guild Wars 2, by Nat

Ok folks, we have opened the forums again for registration! All you guys from my office (you know who you are), can feel free to register on the forums, and introduce yourselves!! I can’t wait to see you guys all in GW2. For all the old BiC’ers who are playing– let’s get posting, bitches!

Guildwars 2: BiC will be on Darkhaven!

On July 20, 2012, in Guild Wars 2, by Nat

Hope to see all my BiC’ers this weekend. We’ll be rolling on Darkhaven! Ya’ll hop in vent and let’s get this party starttttttted!