Political System Guide and Patch Notes

There’s an article up on the TERA site about the new political system that they are launching in game. I, for one, definitely need to read up on this. Attendance was light last night, as everyone is playing Diablo. We did, however, meet a ton of new people in vent last night, so that was awesome.   Here’s a list […]

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THEYTOOKOURJOBS declares war on BiC

So yesterday, some scrub ass guild decides to be billy bad ass, and declares war on BiC. Within moments of the war declaration, one of our members got repeatedly chased by some reds. And then, BiC arrives to the scene. En masse. These two people harassing our guildie? Oh, BiC’ers arrived, all right. Something like 15+ of us arrived to […]

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Hard Mode KP

We were trying to clear this shit all week- but it was a buggy piece of shit. Hope to see everyone on line this week for raids! In other news, we’ve got a handful of people who are close to 50, which is great, because half the crew is playing Diablo beta. 😀 Ya’ll hop in vent and say hello!!

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