BiC exits SWTOR

On May 3, 2012, in SWTOR: Empire, by Nat

Rather than draw things out to a slow death that leaves members frustrated, I’d like to encourage anyone interested in end game raids to pursue opportunities with other guilds or pug groups.

We don’t want to keep hope alive that we will revitalize our presence in SWTOR, when that seems unlikely in the short term.  There are a variety of reasons for waning interest, including lack of ranked warzones, lack of endgame content, declining server populations, elimination of world pvp, frustrating defects with endgame mechanics that do not seem to be addressed with any sense of urgency, and an economy that has been damaged by several high-impact exploits.

SWTOR is an awesome game, and I have no doubt that Bioware will be making substantial strides toward correcting these deficiencies, however we have noticed an almost absolute unwillingness on the part of the guild to wait patiently while these remediations are affected.  There is not blame or fault here, just simple truths that no one benefits from ignoring.

With Tera’s popularity and Diablo 3 on the horizon, I fully expect BiC to become a ghost town in SWTOR.  As we have done in the past, we will not require members to remain in a guild that cannot provide the active participation necessary to achieve our common goals.

BiC will not disband, and Rotsam and I will continue to have an active account on the server, but I encourage you to seek a more active team if you are committed to end-game participation.  You are all released from any lock-out restrictions and may feel free to pug anything and everything.  If you are moving on to a different game, please let us know, as it’s likely we have a presence there and can maintain our in-game relationship.

Please don’t be strangers — our vent is open for a reason.  We will keep an eye on the state of the game, and let everyone know here if there is a resurgence in interest.

Thanks for your understanding.


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  1. atypicallyrelevant says:

    Gamers will be gamers… whatevs. In a way, this is better for everyone because I was getting pretty fucking sick of listening to everyone whine about how much the game sucks lately. If things change later and people want to come back, I’ll probably still be there, but I’m not playing Tera. Never. No. Nuh uh.

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