BiC and Boobs! They go hand in hand

On February 17, 2012, in General, by Nat

Meet Jenny. She has giant boobs

This is Jenny.


Some of you may know Jenny, because she is my administrative assistant at work. She also used to be my daughter’s boss at Harley Davidson.

Anyway– there is no specific reason that I have my good friend Jenn whoring out a BiC shirt- other than the fact that she told me she would. This is great, because I’m counting on bringing some excellent traffic to the site today, just by whoring out her photo. Wrong? Certainly. Right? Hell to the yes.

This weekend, Team Woosley is going to be BUSTING ASS to get our alts up to 50. I’m ready to start doing some bigtime raids and stuff with that hooker, and I’m tired of fucking around with quests.

My next task? Get my sniper/operative up! HELL YEAH.


To all our new BiC’ers– welcome! To the web stalkers– stop by our forums and say hello!! To the people considering if they want to be BiC’ers….you do. Trust me, you do.


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  1. […] started because I was trying to get him to come play SWTOR with us, by bribing him with my hot friend, Jenny and her giant boobs and he’s all like– wow, that game sucks, but your friend’s boobs are great and I […]

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