Annnd, we’re back!

On November 10, 2010, in General, by Nat

Sorry for the long absence, folks. Between some changes at work, changes in gaming, and just being busy, I forgot all ABOUT updating this site. Well, I guess if I am perfectly honest with myself, the reality is that I just plain FORGOT about this site.

There are TONS and TONS of exciting crap going on in the gaming world right now, and I thought I’d touch on a few of them.

Ultima Online:
As many of you know, Rotsam and I re-upped our UO accounts not too long ago, completely and utterly bored with World of Warcraft, we just wanted something to do, and figured we’d give it a try. While we did have a good time for a bit, the reality is that champ spawns are not they used to be. We found an entire server allied together and no champ spawns really being done at all. The six of us compared to the 15 or so that would come in and rape us just became tiresome. With nothing to really fight over anymore, it just lost some of it’s excitement for us.  We aren’t big ‘doom’ fans and the other PVE that’s come along since we left all those years ago wasn’t all that exciting for us. Our accounts are still live and active- we just haven’t played them in a couple of months.

On another note, Ultima has released some new content called High Seas. This mini-expansion was put in place to bring some life back out to the waters in UO. With new boats, weapons and other fun stuff, Ultima is looking to revamp and recharge. I know many people are super excited about these changes, and there’s been quite a bit of talk about it on the varoius UO boards. My kid asked me to get it for him, but at the last minute decided to go back to WoW.

World of Warcraft:
Speaking of WoW, I have noticed some of my friends drifting back over to this terribly, terribly addictive game. Many of them are trying to get achievements completed and the like before the highly anticipated release of Cataclysm. I can honestly say, with a fair amount of certainty that Rotsam and I will not be purchasing Cataclysm, I am interested in the hype surrounding it. I know Chy is super excited, and Jamie and Michael have also expressed some interest.  I’ll be watching the launch closely to see what my friends think. Perhaps I can get them to come over and do some first person article writings!

COD: Black Ops
I haven’t seen my son since he opened the box last night. I’ll get his take on this and do a write up tomorrow.

I am still loving this game with a passion. Rotsamand I have been working up in the ranks, and bless his heart he gets better and better, and I’m almost positive I’m getting worse and worse!! He’s a real trooper, though and never complains about just how terrible I really am. I like the fact that  I can jump on with only him or him and friends, and still play together. As this was my first experience with an RTS, it was a new experience, but I am most definitely hooked now. I am frustrated that more of my ‘playing friends’ won’t do teams with us, but perhaps they’ll come around when they finally realize Rotsam’s awesomeness offsets my terribadness.

Diablo 3:
Folks, if you guys have not checked out Blizzard’s website for the latest information/screenshots/trailers for Diablo 3, I HIGHLY recommend you do so. I got so excited about this goddamn game, that I made Rotsam go buy me Diablo 2. I’d never played it before, and while the graphics are circa fucking 1998 Ultima Online, it’s so much cheesy goodness filled fun, that I just don’t even care. The storyline itself is engaging and I just know Blizz is going to knock this one out of the park. As we all know, Blizz doesn’t give out release dates, as ‘the game is finished when it’s finished’ but I’m hoping it will be released this summer. I’m really looking forward to it!

Welp, that’s about it for today. Ya’ll feel free to submit any information or articles you’d like to see posted here, whether it be game info, hardware info, or why the PS3 is superior to the Xbox 360. I’d love to have a few of you write some guest articles for this site. All credit will go to you, and your site, of course!


4 Responses to Annnd, we’re back!

  1. Rekknaw says:

    well it sucks that you won’t be playing Cataclysm, but I will see y’all in Diablo2

  2. Nat says:

    Diablo 3 just looks so fucking amazing I can’t stand it. LIke I said, I’m just now trying out Diablo 2, and could kick myself for waiting so long. I’m loving the SHIT out of it.

    Still enjoying StarCraft though, even though I’m bad at it.

  3. Robb says:

    UO: Never cared for it.
    WoW: 0 desire.
    CoD: Oh, I’ll be getting this as soon as the semester ends! FPS still my fave.
    SC: I still suck, but at least I’m not standing in fire.
    D3: Interested, but not orgasmically so.
    and fyi… Dragon Age: Meh… not nearly as strong as Oblivion, the game it is trying so very hard to be.

    My big “must resist the pull of” game this winter will probably be DragonRealms again, that old school MuD I keep wandering back to. I wonder how successful I’ll be this time?

  4. Nat says:

    Don’t hate, Robb. Dragon Age is TONS of fun. Also, if you ENJOY playing DragonRealms, why would you not do it?

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