Born in Chaos, also known as BiC was created in 2002 as a champ spawn guild in Ultima Online. Originally named Benevolent Insurgency of Chesapeake, we created the guild as a way for my husband to enjoy the pvp and pve that champ spawn guilds offered. Within a few short months of its inception, BiC became the largest guild on the Chesapeake server, and for a time, the 5th largest in the game, across all shards. We were part of some hella-memorable wars, and did our part to make sure the world of Felucca belonged to us, and us alone. :D  We were active in the developers community in UO and attended many UO Dev Meet UPs and meet and greets in the local Austin, TX area.

In 2004, we left Ultima Online and BiC moved over to World of Warcraft. Once in WOW, BiC decided a name change was in order, and so we officially changed our name to Born in Chaos. The game was a bit different from what we were accustomed to, but we were successful in WOW nonetheless. Our pace was our own, and while we were not on par with some of the Uber guilds in WOW, we still successfully completed content and plowed through instances in our own time and speed. My husband and I decided to leave World of Warcraft in September of 2007. The group we were playing with officially changed their name to Nevermore, and became their own entity. To this day, Nevermore is a successful, tight-knit group.

In September of 2007 BiC moved over to beta test Tabula Rasa. A few very trusted members quietly left WOW and moved over to TR and BiC was born again on the Orion server.  Once Tabula Rasa took a shitter, BiC became involved in a myriad of games, including Everquest 2, Diablo 2, Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, Age of Conan, DCUO, RIFT, Tera, Wildstar, and League of Legends, just to name a few–mainly because I can’t even remember some of the games we’ve played.

Somewhere around 2012, BiC shifted gears once again and began to move into the mobile gaming space. The list of mobile games we’ve been involved in is far too long to list, but it’s an impressive list, lol.

As of April 2018, BiC is now playing War Dragons, a free-to-play mobile game available on iOS and Android devices.


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