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On June 1, 2012, in TERA, by Rotsam

With TERA’s first month in the rearview mirror, we’re excited to turn our attention to future content you’ll see later this summer. An MMO launch is just the beginning—we’re listening to your feedback and incorporating it into our plans for the game.

Many of you have shared your thoughts on TERA’s two tank classes, the warrior and lancer. If you play either class, you’ll appreciate having more flexibility on both offense and defense, so we’re changing defensive skills to consume a new resource instead of MP. (And before you ask, yes—you’ll be able to restore that third bar on the top of your screen quickly.) Warriors will gain three new skills, including the ability to block an attack with their twin swords. Lancers will get two new skills, including a skill that should significantly improve lancer mobility.

These improved tanks deserve improved challenges, so we’re adding two new instances to the game, including a toe-to-toe battle against Shandra Manaya, the queen of the argons. You may have caught glimpses of Shandra Manaya in Northern Shara already, but later this summer, you’ll get all the argon queen you can handle. We’ve also placed some phat lewt within these new instances. (Did someone say “new advanced glyphs”? Tell no one!)

In this update, you’ll also experience 15 vs. 15 cross-server PvP battlegrounds for the first time. We’ve sprinkled other improvements throughout the game, including some awe-inspiring armor sets. Best of all, these new features are nearing completion. Expect to see them later this summer. Even the argons can’t stop us now!



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