Off, you must now fuck.

On March 14, 2012, in General, SWTOR: Empire, by Nat

Holy amazing.

Holy fuck.

So00…all SORTS of shit has been going down. Germs brought along some IRL friend whose name I cannot fucking remember for the life of me. Go Go Awesome Guildmaster!

Layna is now part of the SWTOR family- and is now level 21!

Rotsam, Lisa and I all hit 50 on our ‘new mains’ and have since commenced in pvp’ing almost non-stop– except for when we are doing hardmodes.

Yesterday, we hooked up with a couple of peeps from Soldiers of Destruction to do a hardmode or two. I think we will be working with these cats on some operations here starting on Sunday. Details to follow.

Other than that, welcome to all our new members– and thanks for making BiC awesome!


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